Welcome to Sweet-D Cakes - a blog sharing my baking, confectionary, and cake decorating experiences.

A little about me

I am a healthcare professional with two undergraduate degrees in science and I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Nutritional Sciences. I love food and science, but I also have an artistic side. There is definitely a science behind baking and I love the aspect of making sweets beautiful and fun to look at. 

I started dabbling in baking and decorating about 6 years ago when I made roll-out cookie bouquets for my sister's wedding shower favours. In November 2009, I took my first intro to cake decorating course where I learned to level, fill and mask a cake as well as piping basics. Since then, I have taken any occasion possible to bake and challenge myself a little further to hone my decorating skills. I've learned a lot from general internet searches, other blogs, free video tutorials and a great collection of books that I also rely on for inspiration. 

Note:  I am a healthcare professional in nutrition and I eat very healthfully on a daily basis. I must acknowledge that there is absolutely nothing healthful about the treats I feature in my blog. My treats are full of butter, sugar, eggs, 3.25% M.F. milk, sometimes cream, good quality cocoa and chocolate, to name a few ingredients...but at least I know what's in them and I can easily name all of the ingredients. A treat is just that - a treat - an "item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure". I would rather have something decadent and homemade than a store bought item with an unnatural shelf-life.

So yes, I say dust off those measuring cups, baking pans, put on that apron (I own at least 4), and whip up a deliciously indulgent and beautiful treat once in a while.